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  • Do You Have Today’s Most In-Demand
Manufacturing Capability?
    Achieve the Agility Needed in Today’s New Normal

    Do You Have the Most In-Demand
    Manufacturing Capability?

  • Why Integrate Your Manufacturing Operations?
    Connectivity is Currency in Today’s Digital Business

    Why Integrate Your
    Manufacturing Operations?

  • Immediately Boost Your Productivity and Profits
    Immediately Boost Your Productivity and Profits


  • Sewing Operator in Industrial Sewing Plant
    Eliminate manual and time-consuming processes

    Increase manufacturing
    visibility and control

  • IPE software
    Simple-to-use incentive software solution

    Daily production reporting
    and payroll calculation

  • IPE Real-time Software
    Gain Control of Your Shop Floor

    Real-time visibility drives
    better-informed decisions


With the pandemic now in the rearview mirror, furniture, apparel, and other labor-intensive product manufacturers face an array of formidable new challenges, including unpredictable demand, political/economic uncertainty, mounting regulations, labor scarcity, and more. Addressing these challenges is crucial for the future of the manufacturing industry.

Meanwhile, age-old demands on manufacturers to reduce costs, increase productivity, accelerate throughput time, ensure quality, and attract and retain employees not only remain but have intensified. Increasing productivity and efficiency are the solutions most needed today.


Labor-intensive product manufacturers have come to a crucial realization. Automation and information technology are no longer options but necessities to overcome today’s challenges. This fact became evident when many companies turned to technology to survive the pandemic.

While there are plenty of investments you can make to improve our manufacturing business, resources are finite and automating specific operations will not result in the operations-wide visibility, agility, productivity and cost improvements you need today.


To significantly increase productivity and reduce costs, the most effective investment you can make is in an IPE Advanced Production Management solution. Adding IPE solutions is the single best thing you can do today to make your business more competitive and profitable.

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How Does IPE Improve Productivity & Efficiency?

Choose Daily or Real-Time Information

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IP Batch™

IP Batch™ IPE’s cost-effective and easy-to-use IP Batch solution uses handheld scanners and barcoded work tickets to deliver time & attendance management, daily production data collection, order tracking, quality control, incentive payroll calculation (where used), and a broad range of manufacturing KPI reporting. Labor cost reports identify where excess costs exist in your manufacturing operation.

IP-Batch software
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IP Realtime™

IP Realtime™uses tablet computers and Wi-Fi networking to capture and report all production activities as they occur throughout the day. Production workers, supervisors, managers and executives are empowered to make faster, better-informed decisions with an always up-to-date view of processes, productivity/efficiency, order status, quality performance, and other KPIs.

Whether you choose daily, real-time, or a combination of the two solutions to best fit your unique needs and budget, IPE solutions are simple to integrate with ERP, engineering, analytics, payroll and other business systems to optimize factory-wide operations.

Contact IPE now to discover how our solutions increase visibility and control across your entire manufacturing operations.

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