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"While IP-Realtime handles incentive payroll, it promises to provide tremendous value beyond payroll. We plan to use it in all areas of our operation, starting with the fabric cutting room all the way through to finishing and packing."
Jason Gaddy, Chief Operating Officer, Origin NC

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"Perhaps the biggest benefit overall has been the shop floor transparency that IPE provides. Supervisors can identify operations that are not performing as expected and take appropriate action. Or we can duplicate our superstars’ methods to bring everybody up and raise overall productivity."
Mike Williams, Information Technology Manager, Oak Hall Cap & Gown

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"The IP system is user-friendly, while accommodating our complex processing needs. The IP support team is quick to provide a response and resolution when the need arises."
Sydney Taylor, Director of Information Technology, Fechheimer Brothers Co.

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"We recognized that we needed a digital solution to stay continuously informed and take the actions necessary to ensure optimal productivity and flow. After evaluating several systems, IPE stood out to us due to its user-friendly operation and the real-time presentation of up-to-the-minute information."
Tanner Stroud , Vice President, Carolina Custom Leather

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"We recognized the need for a modern, digital solution. When we evaluated the IPE system, we realized that the traditional paper-based gum sheet method of managing incentives was like a hammer and chisel compared to IPE. Real-time information will help us avoid bottlenecks and better balance production lines and flow."
Tony Hardin , Co-owner, Little Birdie


"Our first core value is efficiency, and we are committed to utilizing the latest technology to improve quality and production. We look forward to equipping our production and management teams with the always up-to-date information and analytics they need to make better-informed and more timely business decisions."
Bob Phillips , Owner, Edgecombe Furniture

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"We expect IPE to streamline payroll processing and simplify integration with our ADP gross-to-net payroll service. Additionally, we anticipate streamlining shop floor control capabilities by being able to more easily monitor production and report on efficiency and movement of work-in-progress."
Dick McClearen , General Manager, King Louie America

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"Because IP is a modern and efficient software, it is very user-friendly and easy to adopt with very little training required. We are especially impressed with the level of reporting. Thanks to IPE, we are saving significant time and money."
Kelly Deady, Director of Operations, Kunz Glove

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